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Viippola E, Kuitunen S, Rodosthenous RS, Vabalas A, Hartonen T, Vartiainen P, et al. (2023) Data Resource Profile: Nationwide registry data for high-throughput epidemiology and machine learning (FinRegistry). International Journal of Epidemiology. doi:


Hartonen T, Jermy B, Sõnajalg H, Vartiainen P, Krebs K, Vabalas A, et al. (2023) Nationwide health, socio-economic and genetic predictors of COVID-19 vaccination status in Finland. Nature Human Behaviour. 7, 1069–1083. doi:


Vartiainen P, Jukarainen S, Rhedin SA, Prinz A, Hartonen T, Vabalas A, et al. (2023) Risk factors for severe respiratory syncytial virus infection during the first year of life: development and validation of a clinical prediction model. medRxiv. doi:


​Liu A, Akimova ET, Ding X, Jukarainen S, Vartiainen P, Kiiskinen T, et al. (2022) The relationship of major diseases with childlessness: a sibling matched case-control and population register study in Finland and Sweden. medRxiv. doi:


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